Genius, Artist, Master of Couture
These are some of the words used by the press to describe this noble “pair of scissors” that joins two Lebanese Couturiers “Georges and Edward Choueiter”, who are famous for the detailed composition of their cuts and the rigor of their execution.

The first lines of their story were written in 1955, with the opening of their first atelier in “Georges Picot Street”; in the heart of Beirut. It continued through the opening of two boutiques in 1980 in Riyadh and in 1982 in Paris, François 1er Street.

Throughout these years, “Choueiter” has remained to be the messenger of fashion “par excellence”. He has dressed and continues to dress queens, princesses and ladies of high society, with whom he shares the taste of finesse.
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A New Light
Today, “Choueiter” appears in a new light thanks to family support and the desire to change the line in harmony with the inspiration of Nabil Choueiter who holds a degree in Fashion Design from Paris after having studied Fine Arts in Beirut. He has sharpened his weapons in the Choueiter ateliers, by combining both purity and originality of cuts.

Driven by the passion for drawing and the wave of the most contemporary trends, Nabil Choueiter unleashes his creativity and launches a collection characterized by a style both modern and couture by lines that highlights women’s body.

Every time we admire his brilliant collection, one can feel the genuine spirit of “Choueiter” and observe with clarity its design that is pure yet always architectural. The pieces are distinguished by their sobriety and modernity. They reveal in an innovative manner, playfulness, researched cuts and an excellent suiting with a touch of creativity where chiffon, lace, organza and other fabrics interweave to sculpt a word of art that reflects sophistication and elegance.
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